SAGE + PALO SANTO | Smudge Kit

Atmosphere Threesixty signature Sage + Palo Santo aromatherapy blend is a simple and intentional. Our handcrafted hydrosol botanical smudge spray is curated and crystal energy infused to cleanse and clear your energetic space. Inspired by conscious living for the modern woman, designed to connect her to truth and balance her soul in her present moment.

HOW TO USE | Shake vigorously and spray from the top of the head and face and/or into the room.

INGREDIENTS | Certified Organic White Sage Hydrosol, Palo Santo essential oil, Clary Sage, cobalt blue apothecary glass bottle, fine mist sprayer, recyclable packaging, reiki charged clear crystal quartz gemstone infused in every batch/bottle. 
shelf life | 18 months 

Handmade Item | Small Batch - - refrigeration recommended for optimal freshness 

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CONTRAINDICATIONS | None when used as directed. This is for a single 1 ounce cobalt blue apothecary glass bottle with a fine mist dispenser in a finely crafted, fiber smoke paper tube. One reiki charged selenite and black tourmaline crystal gemstone per order. Sage + Palo Santo is paired with complementing crystals to amplify intention and 360 alignment – mind, body, spirit.


Black Tourmaline is grounding. Protects against negativity. Encourages intellectual thought, vitality. Corresponds to the root chakra that repels and blocks negative energy within a person or space. A grounding stone and energy purifier, this crystal will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. Cleanse this stone after every use with your Sage + Palo Santo smudge spray, then place together with your selenite crystal.

Selenite is the ultimate high vibe crystal gemstone known for its luminous quality. By gently rubbing the stone you activate a subtle, yet high vibrational energy flow that calms, soothes and amplifies intention. This crystal is a conduit for connection and oneness with spirit; it enhances mental clarity, cleanses your aura, and uplifts your surrounding atmosphere. You will never need to cleanse or recharge this high vibe stone because it is a self-cleansing crystal purifier and it has the power to clear other crystals of negative energies.

    Due to the nature of our products and the fragility of the crystals, all sales are final. Please note that all crystals are a gift from Earth - unique in size and shape!


    All orders are handcrafted and fulfilled within 3 business days. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for delivery in the USA.
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